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UMass Memorial Health

UMass Memorial Health is the health and wellness partner of the people of Central Massachusetts. Through pain and pandemics, our commitment to our communities never wanes. We use knowledge and innovation to create breakthrough medicine. To create jobs. To make life better for those we serve. We are leaders in the training of physicians and those who work in every facet of health care. We make outstanding care accessible for all, regardless of ability to pay. We stand for quality, compassion, dignity, opportunity and fairness. And we are relentless in our pursuit of healing.

At UMass Memorial Health, we also understand that a person’s health isn’t solely a result of seeing a doctor for a checkup once a year. While physical health care is a contributor, a person’s overall health is dependent on many different factors—from having a home to live in, to having food on their table, to having a job and access to health care and education. As an Anchor Mission organization, we aim to improve the health and welfare of our community beyond our hospital’s walls, particularly in those areas suffering pervasive inequality and social disadvantage.


About Us

Central Massachusetts is much more than our “service area.” It’s a place our caregivers are proud to call home—the very heart of New England, featuring a resurgent Worcester and a surrounding ring of friendly suburbs. The infusion of students, athletics, concerts, exhibitions and special performances put our community in a league of its own.

Central Massachusetts has some of the strongest public-school systems in the nation. In addition to the 47 public schools and 20 private schools for primary and secondary education, Worcester is also home to 13 colleges and universities—including the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School, UMass Memorial Health’s academic partner.

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