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Residents and fellows often feel unprepared for their transition from training to attending physician. First launched in 2007 by PracticeLink Magazine as “The Guide,” First Practice™ is the definitive publication designed to assist residents and fellows during their transition into their “first practice.”

First Practice guides residents and fellows through the ten, essential, next steps they should consider before, during and at the end of their job search. The First Practice Career Guide is compiled from the award-winning pages of PracticeLink magazine. It helps residents and fellows invest time wisely, ask the right questions, avoid mistakes and position themselves for success in their search for the right practice. The Guide covers important topics such as job search, site visit and interview, salary and compensation, negotiation and relocation as well as quality of life and work-life balance. The First Practice Career Guide considers personal and professional wants and needs of each physician as well as what physician employers are looking for when they hire a new physician. We believe you will find the First Practice Career Guide for Residents & Fellows a valuable resource.

First Practice is a free service of PracticeLink.com, the nation’s leading physician job board and career advancement resource. As such, you may receive occasional correspondence from PracticeLink and our partners.

Congratulations to all the residents and fellows who will be completing their training in the coming months. We respect your hard work, appreciate what you do, and we hope you find First Practice helpful. We would love to hear from you with any questions, comments or suggestions you have. Visit www.practicelink.com to learn more!


Ken Allman, MBA

Founder + CEO


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