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LifePoint Health

LifePoint Health

Making Communities Healthier®

Great care lives here. Lifepoint Health serves patients, clinicians, communities and partners across the healthcare continuum. Our diversified healthcare delivery network extends from coast to coast, consisting of community hospitals, rehabilitation and behavioral health hospitals, and additional sites of care.

Pursuing a Common Mission.

Our vision is to create places where physicians and providers want to practice, by offering unique opportunities for them to prosper and grow personally and professionally in great communities across the country. We believe that physician collaboration is crucial to the delivery of quality care, so we work to build and maintain strong, supportive and productive relationships with our physicians.

Advancing Quality Care.

Our commitment to high quality care, patient safety and clinical excellence is deeply embedded in who we are and reflected in how we operate our facilities. We prioritize and invest in the staff, technology and infrastructure our physicians, providers, partners and patients need to succeed.

Innovating to Shape the Future.

We explore and implement cutting-edge ideas, partnerships and technologies that meet patient and provider needs, drive growth and advance our mission—both within our communities and beyond.


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