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Esse Health

Overview: Esse Health is an independent, physician-owned, and managed multi-specialty group, boasting a rich legacy of over 25 years. With a formidable presence of over 180 providers and 50 outpatient clinics in the St. Louis Metropolitan area, Esse Health has consistently stood at the forefront of compassionate and innovative healthcare.

Philosophy: At Esse Health, our commitment to healthcare excellence is underlined by a dedicated team approach. We prioritize prevention, early detection, and the effective management of chronic diseases to empower our patients in maintaining healthy lifestyles. Our unwavering belief is best encapsulated in our Mission Statement – “Leading the Healthcare Community by Placing Patients and Their Physicians at the Center of Health Decisions.”

Comprehensive Support: What sets Esse Health apart is our collaborative team, extending beyond the exam room, and includes dedicated support from Health Coaches, Dietitians, Home Health, Behavioral Health, and Case Managers. This framework not only enhances patient care but also allows our physicians to achieve a balanced lifestyle, resulting in high levels of professional satisfaction.

Balanced Autonomy: Joining Esse Health offers physicians the best
of both worlds – the autonomy of private practice and the backing of a top-notch business team. At Esse Health, you define your success, and
we are here to support you every step of the way. Our unique blend of independence and support creates an environment where physicians can thrive, providing exceptional care to their patients while enjoying a fulfilling professional journey.

Principles: Esse Health stands as a beacon of excellence in the healthcare landscape, embodying a commitment to patient-centric care, innovation, and professional satisfaction. Join us at Esse Health, where healthcare professionals find the freedom to define their success and the support to achieve it. Together, we lead the health care community towards a future of wellness and empowerment.


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