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California Correctional Health Care Services

California Correctional Health Care Services

California Correctional Health Care Services (CCHCS) offers doctors, like you, more than just great pay and State of California benefits. Whatever your professional interest, CCHCS can help you continue to hone your skills in public health, disease management and education, addiction medicine, and so much more. All without the burdens of battling insurance companies or unrealistic RVUs.

In return, we offer a competitive salary and all of the benefits that come with state employment, including:

• 40-hour workweek – affords you true work-life balance

• Generous paid time off and holiday schedule

• Secure retirement that vests in five years (visit for retirement formulas)

• Paid insurance, license, and DEA renewal

• Robust 401(k) and 457 savings options (tax defer up to $39,000 – $52,000 per year)

• Visa sponsorship opportunities

• And much more


About Us

With opportunities and locations available throughout California, you’re sure to find the perfect fit. Whether you’re seeking the relaxed charm of the Central Coast, the classic California Dream in Southern California, the arts and innovative culture found in the San Francisco Bay Area, the natural beauty and wonder of the southern deserts, the tight-knit communities of the Central Valley, or the rugged outdoor lifestyle of Northern California you’ll find it here with CCHCS.

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